Dior Prize for Photography and Visual Arts for Young Talents
in partnership with LUMA Arles and the ENSP, exhibited at la Mécanique Générale Nord (LUMA Arles),  July - September 2022

jury: Samuel Fosso (Photographer) , Maja Hoffmann (Founder and President of LUMA Arles), Simon Baker (Director of the European House of Photography), Jerome PULIS (Director of International Communications Christian Dior Parfums), photographer Estefania Penafiel Loaiza and the multidisciplinary artist Maya Rochat.

website of the exhibition

The work of german artist Sophie MEURESCH looks at three young women, at three different points in time. Astrid, Dorien and Johanna share the same placid and implacable frontal gaze that contains the artist’s essential question: Who is looking at whom?

By questioning the photographic act, the photographer deploys a sophisticated aesthetic in the tradition of classic portraiture, which she alternates with graphic still lifes, that multiply a landscape of recurring lines: ’‘Face to face’ is the encounter of two subjects who are on the same level without any hierarchy.’ The repetitive effect is an invitation to compare the shots and to question the space-time continuum.

exhibition views: Andrea Cenetiempo