The work reflects the artist's interest in structures, surfaces, materials and how human beings correlate with them. We see details of historical architecture, steps and different kind of models out of steel and wood. The dimension of the objects in the images are elusive. Most of the spaces seem flattened by the image-taking process; they turn into a repetitive pattern. Some images capture a man building self supporting structures with small wood sticks and big hands: a fragile situation which oscillates between destruction and composition. A moment which is omnipresent in a world, which suffers under the hands of humankind. Nevertheless a huge fascination for human creation emerges from the work.  As very little spaces can be attached to specific places, there is a certain placelessness which gets increased by the fact of having mixed images from India and Germany.
A composition can be found in two levels: in the dense net of lines and strings from the images and in the bigger dimension of the wall installation, where the images speak with one another and open up different reading directions for the viewer.

(Last image is the documentation of the wall installation in the group exhibition Responses at Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery I Goethe Institut Mumbai shot by Johannes Ernst.)